Spaceship Earth

In the year 2020 that brought us global quarantine, comes a doc about a 1991 experimental quarantine, timed to perfection by some chronological deity or a prophetic team of filmmakers and marketing experts, tracing a group of truly extraordinary individuals constructing and sealing themselves up in a self-engineered replica of the Earth's ecosystem, with earnest sixties commune ethos, quirky scientific eco-vision, pioneering determination, and free-spirited publicity feels for the zeitgeist. [read more] ★★★★✩

Hail Satan?

Penny Lane’s crafty, arch entertaining doc on a growing group of US Satanists almost got me thinking backwards, like a spell on a Black Sabbath vinyl. There’s no denying that separating church and state is always a good idea. Then, playing the devil’s advocate to the devil’s advocate, and why not – one must remember that Lucifer finally fell from grace due to hubris, not (just) because he was otherwise cool. [read more]

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