Woman In The Window

Deserving of a viewing at least as a ravaged treasure of a narrative, hosted within its intensely saturated interior dreamscape one of the favourite stock characters of the contemporary mystery trade - a psychologist with mental health issues, a physician struggling to heal herself. But, half way in, it loses its way, turning a juicy plot into a procedural psycho-thriller, a devil in shallow waters where there should have been the deep blue sea. How it manages to fail, with so much going for it, is a mystery in itself. [read more] ★★✩✩✩


A fan of Wheatley's work, I came into this wide-eyed and curious at what a filmmaker of his calibre and mercurial style would bring to the ur-ghost story of cinema, an intrinsically woven and menacingly erotic depiction of an entire narrative demonically possessed by a missing protagonist. And the answer is: nothing. With apologies to the superb Kristin Scott Thomas, apparently the only one on set who understood what film she's in. An attempt to deconstruct the institution of marriage, and the British class system, through rendering a passionately subversive classic entirely soulless, failing, epically. [read more] ★✩✩✩✩

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