The Princess

An exquisite backstage look on how a (media) myth is created. The obsession at its core built through years upon years of diligent coverage. The endless streams of public opinion laid bare, thread by thread. The arc of the conjured fairytale inevitably bending towards darkness. It's hard to outfox the mass media machine. But this clever and heartfelt doc might just have managed. [read more] ★★★★✩


Kristen Stewart‘s great capacity of completely inhabiting a character while remaining unchanged fits the narrative like a white silken glove. As Diana, she entirely embodies the fiercely independent soul submerged deeply into the archetypal, a place where she is thereby forever chained to all the other souls acting as vessels to a national storyline. Poetic, mysterious, and subversively cathartic, this cinematic miracle unequivocally makes clear to all watching why Diana mattered so much, to so many. It has something to do with love. [read more] ★★★★★

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