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  • Lynch/Oz


    An intelligent, impeccable essay film which reaches far beyond discussing fascinating aspects connecting the work of David Lynch to Victor Fleming‘s timeless wonder, Wizard Of Oz. Director Alexandre O. Philippe is turning out to be a virtuoso in translating cinematic sorcery into cultural code, firmly positioned on the crossroads of zeitgeist and cinema. ★★★★★

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  • Billie


    Painfully intimate, beautifully clear-eyed archival treasure of a doc set up as a tale of two women – the artist Billie and the biographer Linda, both their lives ending tragically. Holiday, as avenging angel, unifying the voices of all the lives lived before her, and ones still listening, in the dual telling of this singularity…

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  • The Witch Of King Cross

    The Witch Of King Cross

    Fascinating take on Rosaleen Norton, artist & dedicated occultist, notoriously active in 1950s Sydney. Using all the tricks of the trade, showing fault only when it tries too hard to render her safer for the masses, confining her in feminist or archetypal tropes. An intoxicating brew, offering this truly unique counter-culture figure some posthumous justice.…

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  • The War On Journalism: The Case Of Julian Assange

    The War On Journalism: The Case Of Julian Assange

    Even if the worst about Julian Assange is true, the question remains, what does this have to do with indicting journalists for receiving classified materials in which nefarious deeds of powerful governments are exposed? Solid campaign doc, reminding us that justice is not a congeniality contest. ★★★✩✩

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  • Third Eye Spies

    Third Eye Spies

    Essential new mainstream doc on PSY research, a much denigrated fringe topic, and a a Pandora’s Box of disturbing possibilities, one that, perhaps, should not have been left solely for the military to explore. Chock-full of top-tier scientists, high-grade spooks, plus a Nobel laureate and an Apollo astronaut thrown in, for good quantum measure. ★★★★✩

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  • The Other Side Of Everything

    The Other Side Of Everything

    It lands on a piece of me that is yet to accept loss – the devouring of a chunk of my life by the gods of lesser value. This is why I could not take it in any other way than lightly. My full attention would’ve meant giving in to a lack of meaning. A…

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  • Film vs. Death: One More Time With Feeling

    Film vs. Death: One More Time With Feeling

    A testament to the inexplicability of mourning, the therapeutic nature of art. In this case, the art of the moving image, the most conjuring art of all. The camera becomes a dignified way to navigate the grieving process, to share. This is film as communion, echo of a longing, an evocation of love in that eternal painfully…

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  • Maria By Callas

    Maria By Callas

    It was the humanity in the delivery of divinity that was the key to Callas’s impact – the way she knew, by some uncanny ability, just how to channel an archetype. We do not learn more of Maria Callas here than she herself would allow, but we do understand, instinctively, just how much a gift…

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