Film vs. Death: One More Time With Feeling (revisited)

Certain art can do this – cling to us as a ghost when we come across that dull sound of empty space once inhabited by a living, breathing emotion. But the difference between art and death is that art’s soul can be retrieved, given a new life, a different identity, transformed. The irreversibility of death is what this doc aims to convey, and it does it better than it wished it did.

Maria By Callas

It was the humanity of the delivery of divinity that was the key to Callas’s impact – and the way she knew, by some uncanny ability, just how to channel an archetype. Seeing her in Pasolini’s Medea, even just for a few screen seconds, shook my soul, if not my world.

Sharp Objects, and the Initiation of the Screen She-Shaman

Camille emerged fully formed, a she-shaman forged in the era of the return of the witch, expanding the liminal space between traumatic events, taking the silver bullet of all audience assumptions and projections in a tale of female rage – of women hurting other women – all those dark vagina dentata materials blooming a venemous crimson red in the patriarchal dollhouse.