The Guilty

High-octane director Antoine Fuqua reteams with an always fiercely committed Jake Gyllenhaal for a sombre, stoic, flawed but ultimately harrowing chamber piece dealing with, in essence, the moral dilemma of our times - how much of what we perceive to be going on is our own projection, and how much do we assume about others given only snippets of information, and someone’s subjective interpretation? [read more] ★★★★✩

No Time To Die

Despite all the usual trappings of a Bond cosmology, it comes out a triumphant winner, treating all that incredible gadgetry and immaculate pageantry as an enjoyable but dispensable sideline, in favour of the absolute primacy of human touch. Craig redefined Bond, revealing a complex humanity beneath the exceptional achievement in the art of war. Sophisticated entertainment, as well as poignant reflexion on bioweapons, fallible heroes, and love. [read more] ★★★★★

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