House Of Gucci

Lady Gaga as Patrizia truly did give it her all, and in a way, she is the only one on screen that actually fits the form, knowing how to spin deep emotion from what might seem like a lark. The sum of all the broad strokes significantly dampens the amount of pathos necessary for a drama of this grand opera scale - leaving us only with the giggles. Not enough to walk away with, when it comes to art - and just enough to get by, when it comes to entertainment. [read more] ★★★✩✩

The Last Duel

Regardless of Sir Ridley Scott’s iconic eye, a star-studded cast does not an epic make. Casting both Matt Damon and Ben Affleck (also the two of the three screenwriters), was way too meta not to distract from the gravity of the tale. Marguerite's was a story well worth to be told on its own. It would had held up without the gimmickry. [read more] ★★★✩✩

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