No Time To Die

Despite all the usual trappings of a Bond cosmology, it comes out a triumphant winner, treating all that incredible gadgetry and immaculate pageantry as an enjoyable but dispensable sideline, in favour of the absolute primacy of human touch. Craig redefined Bond, revealing a complex humanity beneath the exceptional achievement in the art of war. Sophisticated entertainment, as well as poignant reflexion on bioweapons, fallible heroes, and love. [read more] ★★★★★


Sam Mendes’s thespian 'single take' virtuoso stunt, a high-wire homage to his WWI veteran grandfather, highlights two things extremely well – film is a director’s medium, and its key ingredient is light. Only celluloid has that required esoteric quality, the materia to absorb and select. Filter reality. So, in a way, 1917 is also Roger Deakins's film. His digital Arri Alexa mimics the medium almost perfectly. Almost. But it has heart. Following one glorious golden thread. Fighting for the next breath. [read more]

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