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mila sajt dvaMilana Vujkov All I wanted to be since the age of nine was a secret agent. Still waiting for that call. In the meantime, I did some research for my chosen vocation: artistic, academic, shamanic & otherwise. Graduated in psychology, masters in film & visual media, made experimental films, short, and shorter, wrote several film scripts & copious amounts of poetry, translated books & stuff, organised events, like film seasons, poetry jams, stand-up, and such, wrote for a couple of magazines, worked as a correspondent for national TV, and as a soothsayer for my friends (and friends of friends). Currently completing education as art psychotherapist, while writing, and working in the film industry, promoting indie, art-house & quality docs any which way I can.

Pen for hire: creative, reviews, promo, copy & translations. 

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Sample creative writing at Poets, Mavericks & Prophets, and get extra info on translation/interpreting at ProZ.

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You can hear me talking film & film culture at length with the rebel crew of Free Seed Films on Soho Radio – while I was with Picturehouse Cinemas:

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2017 Translation: Marsela Šunjić, Greetings From The Moon, novel (TBP). 2016 Translation: Marsela Šunjić, Good Night, City, novel (TBP). 2015 Translation: Suzana Vuksanović, Rastislav Škulec | Remix. Refresh. Restart. MSUV, Novi Sad, Serbia. 2015 Translation: Svetlana Mladenov, Conflicts, provocations, relations, challenges, fears, energies, determinations: Art in the expanded field. MSUV, Novi Sad, Serbia. 2015 Translation: Svetlana Mladenov, Subdued Existence, MSUV, Novi Sad, Serbia. 2014 Translation: Sanja Kojić Mladenov, Cargo East, MSUV, Novi Sad, Serbia. 2013 Translation: Nebojša Milenković, Uroš Đurić, Strategies of Excess, MSUV, Novi Sad, Serbia. 2013 Translation: Suzana Vuksanović, New Sculpture In Vojvodina, MSUV, Novi Sad. 2013 Translation: Bosniaks of Sandzak, monograph, Beoknjiga, Belgrade. 2012 Translation: Suzana Vuksanović, Mira Brtka: Unstable Balances, MSUV, Novi Sad, Serbia. 2011 Translation: Serbian Pavilion Catalogue for the 54th Venice Biennale, MSUV, Novi Sad, Serbia. 2010 Translation: Edward F. Edinger, Anatomy of the Psyche: Alchemical Symbolism in Psychotherapy, Akademska Knjiga, Novi Sad. 2003 Script: Milana Vujkov, Lunatics At Large (unproduced). 1999 Script: Milana Vujkov, Sugar Serendip (unproduced). 1996 Script: Milana Vujkov, The Shelter (produced). 1996 Poetry: Milana Vujkov, The Journey, NS ART, Novi Sad. (as part of The Journey, multimedia project with Katarina Kovač, musician and Darko Vuković, designer).


2010 Katarina Kovač: High & Low. Serbia. 3 mins. 2009 The Treasure Of Nina Madre. UK. 29 mins. 2009 Katarina Kovač: Streets Of Mine. Serbia. 4 mins. 2004 Year Of The Monkey. UK. 10 mins. 1996 The Shelter. Serbia. 26 mins.

If you’d like to check out some of my older work in film theory, I’ve uploaded a few papers on Scribd:

Archetypal Enchantment and the Twin of David Lynch
Paper/Presentation; CUNY Graduate Centre, New York, 2010; Cinematic Desire: A Cinema Studies Group interdisciplinary graduate conference;

From Door Frame to Freeze Frame: Femmes Ante Portas
Paper/ Presentation; CUNY Graduate Center, New York, USA, 2008, Framed: Delimiting the Film Image, A Cinema Studies Group interdisciplinary graduate conference;

Black Humour in Serbian Films of the Early Eighties and Its Cultural Consequences: The Cinema of Slobodan Šijan and Dušan Kovačević
MA Dissertation, 2005, Birkbeck College, University of London, Tutor: Prof. Laura Mulvey

The Magic of Joy: Cinema of Emir Kusturica, From Realism to Magical Reality
Essay, 2004, European Cinema, Birkbeck College, University of London

Other people on my film work:

Humor and Nonviolent Struggle in Serbia By Janjira Sombatpoonsiri