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Research Interests

Art psychotherapy, psychology of cinema, psychology and alchemy, alchemical symbolism in art, women in the arts, female gaze, feminist film theory, transpersonal and archetypal psychology, cinema as therapy (spectatorship, filmmaking), visual anthropology, cinéma vérité, experimental cinema, film noir, documentary film, transrealism, psychogeography, storytelling in art therapy, psychology of exceptional human experiences, consciousness & culture.

Papers & Essays

Archetypal Enchantment And The Twin Of David Lynch

Something in the nature of a recording defies rational explanation. A replica of life, its twin and its double, also its deathly echo, preserving life by embalming it for eternity, or at least until the shelf life of the medium itself expires. Images have the numinosity to affect us deeply – a capacity to heal…

From Door Frame to Freeze Frame: Femmes Ante Portas

Encountering feminine mysteries on celluloid, a post-Jungian analysis of the veneration of the Hollywood film icon, tracing the blazing trail of cinema femme fatales, their imagery framed within portals, places where darkness and light meet, the heroines gazing back at us, in defiance, transforming into a new fluid form of the femme fatale as action…

Fallen Women of Hollywood Melodrama: 1930s-1950s

Exploring the myth of the fallen woman in classic Hollywood melodrama, its historical, religious and literary antecedents, archetypal realms of the dark, wild feminine projected onto the screen, her impact on the spectator. A dispossessed femininity, fragmented and demonised, yet powerfully vibrant and creative.

PhD Proposal & MA Dissertation

Film, the Alchemical Medium

My 2009 PhD proposal, aimed at studying how we are enchanted by film, juxtaposing early film theory, post-Jungian analysis, anthropology of ritual, and the moving image as transformative tool in art therapy, coining the term archetypal enchantment. It serves as basis to my subsequent theoretical approach to cinema.

Black Humour in Serbian Films of the Early Eighties

Examining the dark heart of laughter the symbiotic relationship of film and its audience, wiring us to think and talk in certain ways, its cultural impact, its myriad semiotic and cinematic legacies – this was my MA dissertation (Birkbeck, 2005), a bungy jump into Serbian (and YU) 80s cinema, four films, two filmmakers, Šijan and…

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