Lola On Film is designed to deconstruct the spectacle, measure empty calories, offer nutritional insights on films newly released, as well as archival treasures (and junk), assess the state of film culture, and illuminate cinema’s place in society, as well as in our individual psychology.

In Filmology I go a bit more esoteric scholarly, contemplating on film, psychology & the metaphysics of cinema, focusing on the moving image as remedy, the potential of a therapeutic impact of the medium, my own emotional responses to a film text, as well as contemplation on the psychological engagements of the filmmaker and spectator. This is an intuitive symbolic approach to text interpretation, embracing the capacity of film to bring consciousness into relationship with the unconsciousness through the emotional impact of film itself, the compensatory function of symbolic art, as well as the dynamic nature of symbols.

Mystery Of Love: On Body And Soul (revisited)

Chernobyl HBO Aftermath: Seeing In The Dark

The ABC Murders & Fascism Redux

Film vs. Death: One More Time With Feeling (revisited)

Sharp Objects, and the Initiation of the Screen She-Shaman


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