Film Archives

In Film Archives I rewind back to films I believe shaped the zeitgeist, rather than merely being products of the times – the undeniable imprint of these archival treasures both revolutionising craft and enriching the art of cinema with entirely new layers of creative expression. Many of them can only be viewed as such through the advantage of hindsight, as their own timing had been too prophetic in nature to be digested immediately, and recognised as impactful and valuable to the human psyche in understanding and forming its individual reality, as well as our collective modes of being.

Archival Materia

30 Years Of X: sex, lies, and videotape

Squeezed between the baby-boomer dharma sell-outs and the millennial hordes of tattooed accountants, the throwaway lettuce in a generational bacon sandwich of aspiring corporate drones, sits Gen X, i.e. my generation, sulking mascots of McJobs, deifying burning time creatively doing nothing. Enter our isolation chamber, Steven Soderbergh‘s 1989 Palme d’Or winner.

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