If I didn’t know it was shot entirely on an iPhone, I would not have figured it out while watching UnsaneSoderbergh’s new twist on his road to revolutionising craft, if not necessarily art. But it makes sense, as the film has a stalkerish quality to it, a crispness and fake intimacy of a social media profile – an immediacy that makes it tenfold more horrifying than if it was digested through the geometrical complexity of a film camera lens.

Claire Foy is a woman on the run, it takes a full hour for the audience to grasp if she is escaping her own madness, or a monster in the flesh, and if these two merge somewhere at a vantage point of inverted reality.

In this information-saturated surveillance age, it’s a sure-fire target to ponder of how much a person can know about another through sheer data alone, as well as the audacity of claiming to understand a fellow human deeply by following their every move. Unsane does well in untangling this hairball of perversity, and showcasing it for what it really boils down to – a paralysing fear of true intimacy.

I found it disturbing to the bone for another reason, though – a looming premise of gold-standard corporate totalitarianism, as it overtly toys with the idea of private companies taking over society’s role in judging sanity, and then drives the point home in a Hummer truck packed with explosive trigger lines.

It’s clever, sleek, and of the moment. Not sure it will keep, but it might stick like a piece proverbial ectoplasm on the shoe of (likely) many new iPhone films to come.


Author: © Milana Vujkov

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