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Lola Loves Shorts: Lost For Words

Lola On Film now reviews fine indie shorts in its Lola Loves Shorts series.

Nadia (Lyna Dubarry) and Victoria (Sandie von Brockdorff) meet up in London’s Holland Park to part ways. Yet, when their paths meet, faced with each other’s presence, the spell of Narcissus is broken.

A meditation on both the current and metaphysical state of isolation, inner worlds imploding with the unspoken, the deeply entrenched, the painfully trivial – Elcid Asaei, with his Lost For Words (2020), delivers a poetically political, quietly witty technicolour essay on just how much we are able to hate the people we love.

Left to endlessly gaze into the seductive, bottomless pool of their own ambivalent emotions, absorbed in an inner rapid-fire monologue, with no other witnesses to mirror their thoughts except their myriad selves, the two protagonists are engulfed in surplus of inner activity, a state only eased by genuine connection.

Lost For Words is our six minutes to pause for breath, rooted in the now, the green of its scenery the secret ingredient to acceptance – of ourselves, and of others.

Author: © Milana Vujkov

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